To bring something different, we have to make something different. Something that is rare, so rare that it becomes something unique.

Little that we know — the counterclockwise movement has pretty much existed due to the development of ancient civilizations in the Northern Hemisphere, who relied heavily in telling time on sundials. Interesting to think that the movement exists due to a twist of fate. The counterclockwise movement itself is already a unique thing of its own. MEM believes that living a positive life can make a difference.

More unique facts on Counterclockwise

Counterclockwise motions have always given a positive impact to our daily life. Fascinating isn’t it? Did you know that athletes run in counterclockwise direction? Here’s why — They believe if they run in clockwise manner, they will get tired easily. This is due to the blood flow in the body as our heart is located on the left-side of the body. The main vein takes blood from left to right then bring it to the heart, aided by suction. Centrifugal force due to counterclockwise action helps this. If we were to run in a clockwise manner, the centrifugal force would disrupt the suction. Just wow!

Also, The Muslim faithfuls circumambulate the Kaaba seven times during their Hajj pilgrimage, which is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, and also during Umrah. And, they do that in counterclockwise manner too! What? Even the planet Earth, yes the one we’re living on now rotates around the most powerful star in the universe, the Sun in counterclockwise direction! Coincidence? You be the judge.


“One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” — We took it upon ourselves to bring positivity to the masses through our watches. Introducing +CLOCKWISE, pronounced as Positive Clockwise+CLOCKWISE is our own unique interpretation of the counterclockwise movement. We want to inspire all our wearers to have a positive mind, spread positive vibes and lead a positive life. Just about everything, as long as it’s po-si-tive.

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