Little did we know that all actions and movements, no matter big or small need positive energy to act and respond in a way it should be.

Have you noticed that runners run in counter clockwise? Or how the earth orbits around the sun is also in counter clockwise motion?

The same goes with the growth of plants.

These acts and movements are needed to be in that way, so that it can act the way it should be.

Earlier this week, we at MEM spent some time together to walk in talk in delivering #positivedifference through our action.

We were tasked to grow a type of plant from scratch. Simple isn’t it? But it is not as simple as it may sound.

Every one of us were given a type of seed of our choice and a vase that contains planting medium. The rule is, all of our vases have to be placed together with the same amount of sun light and water.

Here comes the best part of the experiment, the idea behind this was to actually see whether all of those necessities; the sunlight, water, air are enough to make a plant grow healthy or does it need more than just that.

Yes, we’re talking about being positive. To have that #positivedifference frame of mind to make those plants grow and actually apply it on those plants.

We believe that positivity comes from within.

On daily basis, we would go and check on our plants, and water them. Each day, we could see some plants grew better, faster and healthier. We asked the owner, if they used something that is against the rules, say extra fertliser or sunlight.

The answers from them are simple, nothing. We just bring positive energy when we were with the plants. We sat there, we think of how big will this plant grows, how it absorbs all the nutrients and be healthy. Just that, period.

It blew our minds. It actually works. How a simple act of #positivediffence, a positive mindset could really make a difference. A huge one.

Try it yourself and you’ll see it too.



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