Sometime we felt demotivated sometimes. There are times when you are not at your best, feeling down and you feel difficult to pick yourself up.

The times when you have done everything that you could but still wasn’t good enough.

Situations like these happens to everyone and there’s one thing that we could do for each and every one of us and that is as simple as being supportive.

It’s shocking that people who suffers from anxiety are increasing daily without us realizing it and those people could be the closest person to us, our brothers and sisters, our parents, our friends or even ourselves.

We, at #MEM would want to spread this positive energy that we have within us to those who needs it, namely everyone across the world.

Because we need each other to make it through in this tough world.

Starts with being positive and self-love.

Do you know how much of impact this will give you when you start to love yourself and have that positive mind set?

The impact is transformative.

Self-love is a combination of self-acceptance, self-possession, self-awareness, kindness, and respect for ourselves.

Always forgive yourself (if you don’t, nobody will)

Stop criticizing yourself

Praise and appreciate yourself (You deserve it)

Find ways to support yourself

Do things that make you happy

Go after your dreams

Smiles, it creates happiness

Pamper yourself

Let’s help each other and remind each other that we are worthy and we do deserve the happiness that we need.

We at #MEM would like to give support by spreading this move. It could help thousands out there, who needs it.

“If you can’t feed hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Theresa


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