Not Just A Watch

No, it is not just a watch.

MEM Watches was born and created with a strong message behind each watch.

+ C L O C K W I S E / P O S I T I V E C L O C K W I S E

MEM Watch was crafted and created to raise positivity, not just to the wearer but to the community around us which will bring change in the world.

Look around us, we conducted our lives around those set of rules that sometimes it became a burden to us!

Women who play football are not receiving the right kind of support they should get, but were stigmatised.

Men who voluntarily do house chores at home and were criticised.

Why do all these negativity surrounds us?
These people took on the challenge in being different by living out what they believe is right even though they may not receive approval or making a popular decision to be different. We shouldn’t be punished of being different or not play by the rules in the book.

Living under the shadow of others may diminish the potential that you have, but when we are in the journey of living out our potential, we have to swim against the flow.

MEM Watches embraced the challenges in swimming against the flow. Starting from the timepieces that we have on our wrist.

Reading time in clockwise has become second nature to us, and MEM crafted +Clockwise, a watch in counterclockwise direction, to set as a reminder to you, the wearer, are different from the crowd and can be the positive difference.

Behind every single time piece, every gear, every elegant piece of stainless steel, it encapsulates a story that is waiting to be written by you!

This has built the core of MEM Watches — to create positive thinking, positive act, positive mindset, a watch at a time.

A watch does not only tell time, but it tells a story within a period of time.

The journey begins today, come and be a part of this journey with #MEM.

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