MEM Watches invades Singapore!

Oh you read that right, alright. We are now available in Singapore!

That was the sole purposed of the invasion – To make your dreams come true.

How do we do that? Okay, let us tell you how.

On the 12th of August 2016, Friday morning, the CEO of himself – Mr Izham Fitri and his two fellow crews – Mr Hanif Zainuddin & Mr Hanif Zulfagar, went to Singapore with one mission in hand and that is to invade Singapore, once and for all.

The plan was to meet with Mr Sulaiman from TimeToHijra, our new MEM Watches selected sole distributor in Singapore to discuss further on the marketing and expanding plan for our product in Singapore. That was the main initial plan but we know that we could “kill two birds with one stone” here, so why not take the opportunity. So, we added on our secondary plan which is to survey on retail and fashion stores that we think might suit MEM Watches criteria, also to explore Singapore.

We stayed in Johor Bharu from Friday till Sunday at the Straits View Hotels and yes it was a pleasant stay for us. Thank you Straits View Hotels!

The adventure began the next day, 13th August 2016, Saturday morning.

We drove from Johor Bharu to Singapore and our first stop was TimeToHijra store at Bedok West and had our meeting with Mr Sulaiman here as well. And guess who we met here? It was Fir Rahman. To those who’s wondering who is he – He is a Singaporean artist/actor and he was in the movie called “Apprentice”. We ended up taking picture with him but that doesn’t end there – we are looking forward to collaborate with him soon. Just our lucky day! Later after that, our “bird killing” plan begins. We visited the Fashion Valet store (Yes, Fashion Valet!) in 313 Sommerset Mall at Orchard Road and surveyed a few more stores here and there to see if it’s well fit for MEM Watches. We also went to some places in Singapore for our product’s photoshoot sessions. It was a great experience overall.

Fret not, we at MEM Watches loves taking pictures so that we can share with you readers the joy and excitement we had. Sharing is caring – that’s what they said.

Collage 1

And last but not least, the important question of the quest – Is the mission accomplished?

SUCCESSFULLY! We got Mr Sulaiman agreed with our deal and we received positive feedbacks from some of the targeted stores. Next target? To get our products in Singapore, physically by next month.

We will keep you updated!


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