MEM Verso Launch Party

Let’s party with MEM Verso!

On the 28th of May 2016, MEM Watches threw a launching party specially to welcome our latest collection, MEM Verso.


It was held at MEM Watches HQ itself – well, we have a pretty spectacular and cozy office and we want everyone else to see it. But, with great guests come with special decorations. Laskar Sonas Productions had done an amazing job in decorating the space with all those special lightings and bombastic sound systems. Thank you Laskar Sonas Productions!



It began at 7:30 PM and goes on until 11:00 PM. Of course, we won’t let our guests go all hungry all night. In fact, we have brought in special catering of delicious Italian cuisines, PastaCo.MY serving three pasta dishes. A party with good food – the party just gets better and better!



Okay, so it all started with the arrival of our guests. We at MEM Watches are extremely grateful and lucky to have such supporting followers, virtually and physically. And we want to thank those who had spare their precious time coming to our launch party.


The party won’t be as fun as it had been if wasn’t for Izaaq Rusly, our funny and cheerful emcee of the night! As soon as he started talking, we were super stoked! Because, first – we knew that this party is going to be an entertaining one. Second – because we can finally tell ourselves, “Oh my, this is really happening! We are about to introduce our baby MEM Verso to the world.” We are such proud parents.


The welcome speech by our very own young and humble CEO, Mr Izham Fitri was very simple but impressive.



The premier of the look book video came next and then, there it was – the unveiling of MEM Verso, our superbly elegant babies! — Happy tears of proud parents. The purpose was to awe our guests but we have to admit it, we were in awe ourselves. With the lighting and the sound effects and the smoke, just wow!



And the party continues. Yes, it doesn’t end there. Come on! A party is never complete without a lucky draw!


You know how lucky draw works. You pick a number in a bowl randomly and announce it out loud, whoever carries the number – WINS!



But, but – for the 1st prize winner, we made it a little different. Nah, just for the sake of having fun. We asked our guests to walk around and search for TWO other guests who wore from the new collection. Psst, these 6 random guests had already put on these babies at the beginning of the launch. Genius, right?



And the winners are:
• 3rd Prize: Hafizah Husain – MEM Braune Arabic
• 2nd Prize: Liana Azhar – MEM Noir Arabic
• 1st Prize: Yasmeen Izdiha – Couple set of MEM Krom Adam & Eve. Luckiest!

We hate to end the fun but we have to say goodbye! Again, our CEO came to stage and gave a quick but memorable closing speech to officially end the party.

Oh, it was spectacular! The night was just spectacular.


And to those who missed it, fret not we will have more parties coming and you’re all invited! And to those who came and make this party a lively one, again we at MEM Watches want to thank you for your endless support! We truly appreciate it!

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